Want to make some New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 but still currently too lazy in 2012 to come up with them? We’ve got you covered. Here are the 5 recruiting resolutions you should make in the coming year that will help you get a jump on your competition.

1. Resolve to Clean Up My Data

We harp on data quality a lot, but it’s because no analysis can be done right if your data is dirty. Just recently, poor data quality was cited as the third largest business intelligence problem for businesses, from a 2012 BARC survey. It is a tough issue to solve, but cleaning up your data should be a top priority as all good analytics stem from quality data.

Take the first step: Run a report to find empty fields in your Applicant Tracking System. Start with Job Orders with empty Fee fields and fill them in to the best of your ability, using company averages when you’re not sure. You can read more about idiot-proofing your ATS here.

2. Resolve to Actually Use My Data

Ever get a gym membership but didn’t get your money’s worth? Why invest in getting your data squeaky clean if you’re never going to put it to work? In 2013, resolve to let data lead the way when it comes to making business decisions. You will be surprised to learn that your gut is often wrong, and running your business by the numbers will ultimately increase ROI.

Take the first step: Trend your current year-to-date Bookings Trajectory and compare against last year’s Trajectory. Are you on pace to beat it? If not, you know you need to pick up the pace; if so, find out what went right by digging into your data. Big wins are even bigger if you understand why they happened.

3. Resolve to Tackle Automation

There are psychological barriers that you can remove to increase usage. One example of overcoming these barriers is the 20 second rule, which is useful to form good habits. Another example is automating your 401k(k) so a certain amount is taken from your paycheck each month. Similarly, once your data analysis is automated you will find yourself using it more and more. Imagine if you had to walk through a gym to get to work each morning.

Take the first step: Either automate a daily summary email of metrics or have someone generate one and email you once a day. Having metrics in your inbox each morning will help you get into the habit of looking at your data. You’ll start to see trends, pick up on anomalies, and this will motivate you to ask the right questions to get more from your company’s daily activities.

4. Resolve to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Make 2013 all about efficiency, and that means working smarter. After all, you will have survived the Mayan end of the world. Don’t you want more time to enjoy being alive through yet another apocalypse? Working on the right Job Orders will help you hit your goals in 2013 without wishing for fire and brimstone.

Take the first step: Calculate your Sales Cycle by Client to see which of your clients have the best (meaning shorter) historical time-to-fill. Pay more attention to those clients and you should see a higher rate of Placements being made in the coming year.

5. Resolve to Think Outside the Box

Now that you’re in the habit of becoming a data junkie, try something new in 2013 and measure the results. Always though social networks can provide more candidates? Test and measure. Think job boards are making a comeback? Test and measure. We’re all for taking risks and testing out hypotheses as long as you track what moves the needle. Try something new!

Take the first step: Flag a baseline metric that you expect to go through the roof with your new idea. Rinse and repeat.


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