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7 Facts About Data Quality Infographic

Ready to scrub your data squeaky clean? Here’s a free 2-week trial.

Samuel Clemens
Sam is founder and chief of product & marketing for InsightSquared. Previously, Sam was VP Product at HubSpot, VP Product at BzzAgent, and on the founding team at His background also includes venture capital with Greylock Partners, the Algorithms group at, and management consulting with Booz Allen Hamilton. Sam has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.S. in Applied Math from Yale. In his off time he dives shipwrecks in the New England area.
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  • Diane

    $3.1 trillion?? Wut? I would really like to see the backup for that calculation. If we just clean up the data our deficit can be gone in a few (maybe 10 now) years.

  • Julia

    Very interesting. There is a company name ObservePoint ( does digital analytics auditing. Inaccurate data can definitely hurt your company in the long run. Most companies don’t even question the accuracy of their data until it’s too late.

  • Julia

    Here is a cool Infographic Bad Data and Bad Decisions: Facebook Sinking IPO

  • Richard D

    Its imperative that the data being used by businesses is accurate and relevant if its to be useful. If their is a problem with the data it will only reflect poorly on the product being produced or results trying to be achieved. Without high quality data predicting trends in the marketplace is just an expensive guess…I read this the other the day you might want to take a look over it.


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