7 Things Winning Sales Organizations do Differently

Everyone wants to be a winner, but not everyone always acts like a winner. The most successful sales organizations work in ways that produce better results and more deals. By emulating the habits and strategies of these top companies, you too can step up your sales performance and improve your numbers. So what separates the best from the rest?

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1. Living by the Metrics

No matter the industry they’re in, the most successful sales teams have a laser-like focus on data and rely on sales analytics to inform every decision. Analytics can reveal important insights, including:

  • Why your sales reps are losing or winning deals
  • How your pipeline is growing over time
  • How accurate your sales forecasts are
  • How long your typical sales cycle is
  • Where there is a weakness in the sales process, and more.

By constantly analyzing sales performance using data analytics, winning organizations can identify problems or trends early and pivot quickly to rectify them.

2. Always Planning Ahead

Great sales managers are able to act micro and think macro. They focus on what’s happening today, but also know what it means in the context of next month, next quarter, next year, or even further down the road. Your prospecting calls today create tomorrow’s sales leads, and your sales calls today will result in next month’s deals. Successful managers are constantly coaching sales reps to be aware of the long view so the team is working together toward common goals.

3. Selling to Ideal Customers

The best sales organizations look at historical data to learn how winning deals behave, and identify the best ways to approach ideal customers. If you know your closed deals are usually companies of a certain size, demographic or industry, you can focus on those types of leads. It is also important to base sales tactics around the buying decision process, addressing customers who are qualified leads differently than customers that are interested in technical fit. By targeting customers in such minute detail, standout sales organizations optimize time and effort.

4. Letting Sales Reps Sell

The most effective sales teams focus almost exclusively on new business, and don’t waste time interacting with existing customers or focusing on time-consuming administrative details. Organize your team so that they know when to hand over a problem to customer service or account managers, rather than taking it on themselves. By carefully tracking sales team’s activities, successful managers make sure reps are spending time the right way.

5. Finding New Growth

Even in a tight market, outstanding sales teams can identify opportunities for new business to get ahead of the competition. By using micro-segmentation to divide up your potential market, you may find new customers where you didn’t look for them before. Get granular with the data to find unexpected growth opportunities hidden away. Once you identify potential new customers, you can come up with the best sales strategy for this new market.

6. Training Great People

Unsurprisingly, great sales teams have fantastic sales reps chasing down leads and making deals. But successful sales managers don’t just luck into talented reps – they recruit them, train them and continually coach them to greater success. Years of experience don’t necessarily make a great salesperson, and managers have to define the best type of seller for their industry and company. But once your team finds a hiring and coaching method that works, stick with it.

7. Expecting Top Performance

Top performing companies have tough sales goals every quarter and never relax the pressure to grow and improve. By constantly staying aggressive and expecting high performance, it pushes sales teams harder to reach the goals. This doesn’t mean you should set impossible goals based on numbers pulled out of thin air, but rather realistic and challenging goals based on reliable sales forecasting. Find a balance between pushing your team, and pushing them over the edge.


There’s no need to re-write the book on successful sales methods. Follow in the footsteps of the best sales organizations that always set the bar high, nurture a great team, plan ahead and always, always reference the metrics. Becoming a winning sales organization isn’t very far away at all.


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