9 Essential Guides for Sales Managers

As a sales manager, there’s a lot that you are responsible for. You need to hire rockstar reps, be an effective coach, manage your pipeline, accurately forecast sales, and drive sales results.

With so much going on in your day-to-day, it can be difficult to find time to step back and make sure you’re doing everything you can to be the best sales manager possible.

That’s why we compiled this list of essential guides for sales managers – so that you can easily access all the resources you need to improve yourself as a sales manager.

By becoming a better sales manager, you’ll boost your own efficiency and effectiveness, but more importantly, you’ll advance your entire team.

To step up your game and take your team to the next level, read the following 9 guides for sales managers:

What Makes a Great Sales Rep?

We analyzed 50+ sales teams in-depth to find out what separates the best reps from the rest. We identified the top 25% of reps who brought in the most revenue and looked at how they did it. Check out the one-page guide to see the results, including:

  • The Best Reps’ Win Rate
  • The Average Deal Size for Top Reps
  • One Key Takeaway
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How to Hire Rockstar Sales Reps

As Chief Revenue Officer of HubSpot, Mark Roberge knows a thing or two about scaling sales teams and hiring great reps. In this guide, Mark outlines the hiring approach and philosophy that grow the HubSpot sales team from 1 to 200, including:

  • The 5 Characteristics of Great Reps
  • Where to Find the Best Candidates
  • The Best Interview Questions
[button size=”large” align=”center” full=”false” link=”https://offers.insightsquared.com/Hiring-Rockstar-Reps-Roberge.html?blog_source=organic&blog_medium=blog&blog_content=button&blog_campaign=hiringreps” linkTarget=”_blank” color=”blue”]Read the Guide to Hiring Rockstar Sales Reps »[/button]

The Definitive Guide to Building a New B2B Inside Sales Team

This guide covers the logistics behind building out your B2B inside sales team. Learn everything you need to know about establishing a high-performance sales force, including how to:

  • Identify the Best Structure
  • Design Your Capacity Model
  • Develop the Right Hiring Plan
[button size=”large” align=”center” full=”false” link=”https://offers.insightsquared.com/b2b-sales-team.html?blog_source=organic&blog_medium=blog&blog_content=button&blog_campaign=buildinginsidesalesteam” linkTarget=”_blank” color=”blue”]Read the Guide to Building a New B2B Inside Sales Team »[/button]

The Definitive Guide to Pipeline Management

This complete guide will help you improve your pipeline management by leveraging sales data. Check it out if you want to learn:

  • How and When to Purge Your Pipeline
  • The Best Way to Track Opportunities
  • Keys of a Perfect Pipeline Review
[button size=”large” align=”center” full=”false” link=”https://offers.insightsquared.com/pipeline_mgmt.html?blog_source=organic&blog_medium=blog&blog_content=button&blog_campaign=pipelinemgmt” linkTarget=”_blank” color=”blue”]Read The Definitive Guide to Pipeline Management »[/button]

Tripling Your Revenue with Seeds, Nets, and Spears

In this eBook, Aaron Ross tackles pipeline management from another perspective. He discusses how segmenting leads into three categories (seeds, nets, and spears) is the key to managing your pipeline successfully. Check it out to find out why all leads are not created equal, and how to:

  • Measure Prospecting Production
  • Identify Top Marketing Campaigns
  • Generate Opportunities from Customers
[button size=”large” align=”center” full=”false” link=”http://learn.insightsquared.com/seeds-nets-spears?blog_source=organic&blog_medium=blog&blog_content=button&blog_campaign=seedsnetsandspears” linkTarget=”_blank” color=”blue”]Read the Guide to Tripling Your Sales with Seeds, Nets, and Spears »[/button]

The Definitive Guide to Metrics-Driven Sales Coaching

Ever wondered how you can use metrics to identify the weaknesses of each rep and pinpoint ways they can improve? Well, this guide explains exactly you can leverage data to be a better sales coach and help your reps step up their game. Read it now to learn about:

  • How to Diagnose the Right Skill(s) to Coach
  • Key Metrics for Better Coaching
  • The 7-Step Coaching Cadence
[button size=”large” align=”center” full=”false” link=”https://offers.insightsquared.com/Sales-Coaching.html?blog_source=organic&blog_medium=blog&blog_content=button&blog_campaign=metricsdrivencoaching” linkTarget=”_blank” color=”blue”]Read the Guide to Metrics-Driven Sales Coaching »[/button]

How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

This guide outlines how you can use sales metrics to shorten your sales cycle significantly. Check it out to learn how to:

  • Analyze Sales Cycle by Stage
  • Identify Non-Buyers Early
  • Avoid Losing Deals Late
[button size=”large” align=”center” full=”false” link=”http://learn.insightsquared.com/sales-cycle-3-pager?blog_source=organic&blog_medium=blog&blog_content=button&blog_campaign=shortsalescycle” linkTarget=”_blank” color=”blue”]Read the Guide to Shortening Your Sales Cycle »[/button]

Measuring Your Prospecting Team

In order for your outbound prospecting team to consistently feed your sales team, you need to make sure that they’re performing activities that are driving results. You can improve your prospecting efforts drastically just by measuring the right metrics. Read this free guide to learn about:

  • How to Track Prospecting Efficiency
  • The Best Times for Reps to Call
  • The Key Metrics for Pipeline Growth
[button size=”large” align=”center” full=”false” link=”http://learn.insightsquared.com/Measuring-Your-Prospecting-Team?blog_source=organic&blog_medium=blog&blog_content=button&blog_campaign=measuringprospecting” linkTarget=”_blank” color=”blue”]Read the Guide to Measuring Your Prospecting Team »[/button]

Sales Forecasting

This sales manager’s guide will help you forecast sales more accurately than ever before. Check it out today to learn how to:

  • Establish the Right Forecasting Stages
  • Reduce Risk in Your Revenue Projection
  • Learn Sales Forecasting Best Practices
  • Run Better Sales Forecasting Meetings
[button size=”large” align=”center” full=”false” link=”http://learn.insightsquared.com/sales-forecasting-101?blog_source=organic&blog_medium=blog&blog_content=button&blog_campaign=salesforecasting” linkTarget=”_blank” color=”blue”]Read the Guide to Sales Forecasting »[/button]

For even more actionable sales manager’s guides and eBooks like these, check out our resources page.

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