Bringing the World of Sales into Real-Time

“Knowledge is power”, the saying you and I have heard hundreds of times, dates back to the 1500s to Francis Bacon. Back then, illiteracy was common, access to knowledge was limited, and information was hoarded by aristocracies.

Today we live in a completely opposite age where information is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Almost all of the world’s knowledge is out there for you to take with a simple Google search. The status quo has changed drastically since the days of Bacon (the philosopher, not the breakfast food).

The New Status Quo

When knowledge is widely available to everyone its power diminishes. Knowledge isn’t power like it used to be. The true advantage now is not what information you have, but how fast you can get it.

For example, hundreds of transactions take place in the stock market each millisecond with the advent of high-frequency trading. It’s the speed at which computers can automate trading, that has enabled high-frequency traders to take over 60% of the futures market. In the world of journalism, pageviews go to the journalist who is able to break a story first via twitter.

Many industries are using technology to get people information in real-time; it’s time for the world of sales to catch up.

Real-Time Salesforce Push Notifications

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Champ, a free deal-notification app for Salesforce users. Champ lets you know the moment a deal closes in Salesforce with a friendly push notification. With Champ you won’t need to wait until your next sales meeting to learn how other reps on your team are performing. Better yet, you won’t have to wait to announce your deal has closed in order to get some recognition for it. If you convert an opportunity to closed-won in Salesforce, anyone on your team with Champ will know right away.

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There are a few added functions that make this app more than a notification system. Quick stats such as account name, deal size, and sales cycle are available right on the home screen. With a single tap, you can email your coworkers “congratulations” (but really! the email address, subject line, and email content show up for you). Another tap on “learn more” will open up opportunity details in Salesforce1.


The Power of Speed

Being armed with information about your business in real-time is important. Keeping track of which accounts are closing and when isn’t so easy when you’re busy with phone calls and meetings. Keeping a pulse on which teammates are having a strong month is part of being a team player, and congratulating them in a timely manner will motivate them to close the next deal.

We’re excited to help sales leaders finally get instantaneous updates on their team’s activities, and  stop living like it’s the 1500s. Don’t just settle for knowledge about your sales team, make sure you’re getting it in real-time. Get Champ.

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