Revenue operations is booming and Demandbase is excited to join InsightSquared at Ramp 2019. As the leaders in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), we believe that Rev Ops and ABM play hand-in-hand and can truly maximize ROI when done right.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

ABM optimizes your marketing spend by focusing on target accounts that are most likely to turn into revenue. The first step to a successful ABM program is Sales and Marketing alignment. This means that Sales and Marketing are focused on the same target accounts, and measure success by looking at metrics that connect to broader business goals. So, instead of focusing on vanity metrics like impressions, click-through rates and web traffic, with ABM, you’re looking at metrics that tie to revenue, such as pipeline, funnel velocity and close rates. These are the business metrics that your CEO, CFO and Board care about. Tools like InsightSquared can help drive alignment toward those goals by providing a single, accurate, up-to-date source of sales and marketing analytics.

ABM and Events Strategy

Not only do you want to align with sales on goals, you want them to be on board with the activities you’re doing to hit those goals. For instance, by partnering with your sales team, you can determine which regions and cities need the most attention, and focus your event strategy on the accounts that matter the most.

You can also conduct an event audit to ensure the events you’re sponsoring and attending are worthwhile. There is no reason to sponsor an event if your target accounts aren’t there. Focus on the events that have a target account-rich environment and invest in ancillary events such as VIP dinners to connect with executives and/or parties for your customers and prospects to network and decompress after consuming content all day. Not only does it optimize your events strategy, but also promotes sales and marketing alignment. Your sales team will thank you for getting them in front of your target accounts and meeting with the people most likely to convert.

ABM and Revenue Operations

With growing revenue on the top of everyone’s mind, it was an easy decision to join the discussion and be part of Ramp 2019! Our Senior Director of Marketing Ops will be speaking on how you can transform and operationalize your metrics into the next generation of ABM KPIs . We’re excited to share our ABM best practices and learn from other folks how they’re optimizing their current revenue operations with an ABM approach. We look forward to seeing you there!

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