Dreamforce ’16 is on the horizon, and everyone attending is gearing up for a busy week of sessions, networking, and — most importantly — learning. Business people from around the world will flock to San Francisco for this massive annual user conference. Last year, more than 160,000 people attended 2,000 plus session in 18 venues, making it one of the biggest conferences in the world. With so much to do and see in just 4 days, attending the conference can be more than a little overwhelming.

The potential to learn and improve your business and career is huge, and planning your days carefully is key. It’s important to strategically choose the right sessions that apply to your job and your career goals. It’s also important to find the sessions with the best and smartest speakers in the business. 

To help you build the best agenda, we used the Little Bird platform to identify the top influencers attending Dreamforce from a variety of categories. Then, we hand-curated a list of sessions where you can learn directly from these opinion-makers, as well as other must-see related sessions on the topics they care about.

Note: The Dreamforce Agenda Builder is a great tool to help you sift through the thousands of sessions that will be going on at Dreamforce. If you’re logged into Salesforce, you can use the “Add to My Agenda” buttons to start building your schedule. For more tips and tricks on using the builder, scroll to the bottom of this page.   

Sales Analytics

The sales technology landscape is growing at a rapid pace, and Dreamforce is one of the best places to educate yourself about the developments happening in the market. Having the ability to understand your data and use it to help run your sales team, forecast sales and facilitate pipeline management will make you a much more effective and efficient leader. At Dreamforce, don’t miss out on the chance to learn about all the tools available and how top sales practitioners are using them to take their teams to the next level.

Influencer: Max Altschuler

Max Altschuler (@MaxAlts) is the CEO of SalesHacker, an organization focused on building and shaping the future of sales through educational, actionable, and unbiased content and events. Max focuses heavily on the impact that data accessibility is having on the evolution of sales, and is one of the top experts on the subject.

Selling New & Old – How Technology Can Empower Sales Development

Gabe Villamizar, Lucidchat
Jack Kosakowski, Creation Agency
Max Altschuler, Sales Hacker

Social selling experts Gabe Villamizar of Lucidchart and Jack Kosakowski of Creation Agency will take you through some of the top sales development faux pas, and how you can avoid them. Then, Max Altschuler of Sales Hacker will host a panel on the future of sales development technology with three entrepreneurs from tech startups Crystal, Troops, and Node.This session is presented in partnership with DocuSign.

The Sales Revolution: Data + Science Are Fueling Next-Generation B2B Sales

There’s a new Sales Revolution that’s bringing together a unique blend of data, products, services, and partnerships to help sales teams accelerate sales, grow revenue, and improve profitability. Join us to see how some of the world’s leading sales organizations are leveraging this Sales Revolution across the full sales funnel to unleash profitable growth, from account-based selling to qualifying and developing opportunities, to forecasting and closing opportunities.

3 Pipeline Management Strategies PROVEN to Grow Revenue

Jason Jordan, Partner, Vantage Point

Every sales force has some form of sales pipeline yet most use it only for reporting & forecasting purposes. Would you like to learn how cutting-edge sales teams are managing sales pipeline to actually grow revenue by up to 28%? Join best-selling author Jason Jordan as he reveals 3 best practices uncovered in research with the Sales Management Association. You’ll learn how to build a healthy sales pipeline to grows revenue by design.

Exceed Expectations: Reduce Your Sales Cycle

Carolyn Bathauer, Salesforce

According to Forrester, 80% of B2B buyers said sales reps failed to meet expectations for contributing value in a sales cycle. Join us to learn tips and tricks for teaching your sales teams how to use data from marketing automation to create a better, more customized buying experience for your customers. Having more effective and customized conversations reduces the sales cycle times and increases initial order value.

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is becoming increasingly crucial as technology advances and access to information is easier than ever for both salespeople and buyers. At Dreamforce this year, sales enablement sessions will focus on training your teams to provide a personalized customer experience from start to finish, and bring in and keep more high value customers.

Influencer: Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter (@TheSalesHunter) is a top sales trainer who helps equip sales teams with the skills and approaches they need to get better results. He’s also the author of the best-selling book “High-Profit Selling.”

High-Profit Prospecting: The Critical Role of Sales Leadership in Prospecting

Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter

Sales Leadership is severely underutilized in the prospecting process, losing millions of dollars of untapped opportunities. In this session, Sales Leaders will gain proven prospecting insights from some of the largest companies in the world and leave with actionable strategies you can implement immediately to dramatically increase revenues.

Prospecting: Paving a Path for Business-to-Business Growth

Identification and creation of a successful approach to prospecting is critical to ensuring your organization’s growth and success. Collaborate and share ideas to develop awareness for where leads come from, how to proactively engage, and ensure effort results in a robust pipeline. Join us to discuss how other customers have become successful through identifying and prospecting for new leads and managing your pipeline in Salesforce.

Transforming Your Sales Team into a Modern Sales Engagement Machine

Trish Bertuzzi, President and Chief Strategist, The Bridge Group, Inc.
Kyle Porter, CEO, SalesLoft
Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst, TOPO

The sales profession needs an update. It’s more than just an updated approach or strategy document. It’s a fundamental shift in the way your entire organization functions. You need to be a customer-obsessed company, and that starts with sales. Join us to learn how modern sales is personal, data-driven, and customer-obsessed. It’s technology-enabled and hyper-effective. In today’s competitive landscape, your sales team can’t afford to fall behind.

Benchmarks for Small Business: Research on the Leading Growth Trends

Andra Ely, Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce
Peter Gaylord, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Salesforce
Brent Leary, Managing Partner, CRM Essentials, LLC
Laurie McCabe, Cofounder, SMB Group

How are high-performing small business teams growing their business? Salesforce Research surveyed over 3,800 small business leaders to discover success trends across sales, service, and marketing. Join us to hear Laurie McCabe, co-founder and partner at SMB group, and Brent Leary, owner of CRM essentials, as they discuss their perspectives on the research findings, as well as steps small business teams can take to get ahead of the curve to grow fast.

3 Ways to Make Your Sales Teams Great Again

Bart Fanelli, Vice President Global Field Success, Splunk

The votes have been cast, the results are in. After three straight years of decline in average quota attainment in the industry, it’s time to shake things up. Join us to hear how three leaders are bucking the trend and driving their teams to profitable growth, turning customers into fans along the way. You’ll hear how to use incentives to drive winning selling behavior, how to equip sales with the answers to the tough questions in the field, and how to take a customer-centric approach to your tech stack.

Sales Ops

The digitization of the sales industry has moved sales ops to the front and center of what can make your sales truly stand out. Understanding how to leverage technology to create more streamlined and efficient sales processes is what will take your sales strategy to the next level. At Dreamforce this year, you’ll learn from the best about how they used the power of their sales ops teams to eliminate inefficiencies and allow their teams to focus on meeting and setting higher goals.

Influencer: Mark Levinson

Mark Levinson (@MarkBLevinson) is the VP of Sales Services at SiriusDecisions. He has over 20 years experience in the field of sales operations, working in both regional and global sales operations roles.

Revolutionizing Sales Operations: Mapping Competencies to Accountabilities

Mark Levinson, SiriusDecisions

The rise to fame and fortune for sales operations is paved by the key competencies within the function aligned to its major accountabilities. During this presentation, we’ll provide data on how sales operations leaders rate the competencies within their functions, and define the seven major accountabilities that need to be managed in best-practice functions.

Pipeline Management: New Research Reveals That We’re Doing It All Wrong

Jason Jordan, Vantage Point Performance

Sales pipelines are the lifeblood of every company. We rely on them to feed
our forecasts and fuel our revenue, but how good are we at managing them? Really bad it appears, since 56% of companies in recent research claim they are ineffective at this critical sales activity. Join best-selling author Jason Jordan as he shares research insights into:

The three key measures of sales pipeline health;
Common management practices that actually wreck sales performance; New management practices that correlate with sales success;
How to use the pipeline to predictably grow revenue;
Training and development strategies that build organizational capability.

Leave this session with a better understanding of what you’re currently doing wrong, and how to quickly correct it.

Sales Operations Superpowers

Franco Anzini, Senior Director of Sales Operations, Xactly Corporation
Howard Brown, CMO, Salesforce
Ben Sardella, CRO, Datanyze
Serena Schlaile, Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce
Jen Schlueter, Manager, Sales Operations, Cvent

Once a fringe role player, sales operations executives and managers have become the essential backbone of highly effective sales teams. But sales ops is changing fast, touching everything from sales enablement to performance visibility, to technology product evaluation and beyond. Join us as RingDNA CEO Howard Brown introduces a panel of sales operations gurus from Datanyze, Xactly and CVent to reveal how high-functioning sales ops teams are playing key roles in fast-growing companies. There will be plenty of time for Q & A, so please bring your questions.

Onboard, Train, Reinforce: Solve Sales Operations’ Biggest Challenges in 2017

Benjamin Gomez, Senior Manager, Sales Effectiveness & Integration, Healthfirst

Sales operations leaders play a crucial role in turning objectives into actionable plans that achieve sales growth. As the responsibilities of sales operations expand, you face increasing pressure to onboard talent quicker than ever, boost productivity, and arm your sales team with skills, knowledge, and motivation to deliver a winning customer experience. Join us to learn how senior leaders are solving some of the thorniest challenges you will face in 2017. Get first-hand knowledge on how to on-board and give sales the right tools to get them ramped up quickly, how to train continuously, and how to reinforce the right sales behaviors through incentives.

Demand Generation

Sales and marketing teams in the industry have been finding new ways to come together across departmental lines to change the ways they grow their business and measure success. Marketing and demand generation sessions are a great place to hear these stories first-hand. In particular, look out for Account-based Marketing themed sessions to hear how sales and marketing teams are aligning around this increasingly popular strategy.

Influencer: Maria Pergolino

Maria Pergolino (@inboundmarketer) is the VP Marketing at Apptus, and one of the leading demand generation and ABM practitioners in the space today. Apptus uses powerful algorithms to analyze customer behavior to help provide a personalized customer experience by optimizing product display.

Partner Marketing: Customer & Advocate Marketing

Maria Pergolino, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Apttus
Kristy Sharrow, Director of Marketing, LevelEleven

Whether you have an active advocate marketing program or not, people already recommend your products and company to their peers. How do you proactively build such programs and make them engaging, scalable and measurable? Join this session and hear directly from two marketing superstars, Maria Pergolino, SVP Marketing at Apttus, and Kristy Sharrow, Director of Marketing at LevelEleven, as they explain how they created heroes and built their own advocate marketing programs.

“The New Gold Rush” – Account Based Marketing from Top CEOs and CMOs

Rishi Dave, Chief Marketing Officer, Dun & Bradstreet
Robi Ganguly, CEO, Apptentive
Jason Jue, Chief Marketing Officer, Triblio
Jonathan Miller, CEO, Engagio

Forrester’s has called ABM a “gold rush.” Want an inside peak into ABM? Top CEOs and CMOs will use the MBA case style format to teach you how to accelerate sales fast via ABM. We’ll kick off with a peak inside winning ABM strategies and campaigns that marketing, sales and customer success execute together to accelerate revenue. We’ll conclude with an extended Q&A as our practitioner experts will help you jump start ABM momentum and justify future ABM investments. Come prepared to be inspired and leave with a quick win you can execute.

The ABM Revolution: Why Sales and Marketing Will Never Be the Same

Geoffrey Kahler, Director, Digital and ABM, CenturyLink
Wendy White, Head of Global Campaigns, CenturyLink

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is the hottest thing in B2B marketing right now. According to a 2016 SiriusDecisions report, 87% of today’s B2B marketers identify ABM as “very important” to their marketing efforts. Successful execution of an ABM strategy is contingent upon sales and marketing alignment around the accounts that matter most to an organization. In this session, Peter Isaacson, CMO of Demandbase, will bring Wendy White, Head of Global Business Campaigns at CenturyLink, and Geoff Kahler, Director of Marketing at CenturyLink, to discuss how CenturyLink’s Enterprise marketing team is working with Demandbase to deliver actionable insights to the sales team directly within Salesforce. We will share results from the first 3-months, 6-months and 9-months since deployment.

The Blueprint For High Performing B2B Marketing Campaigns

Mathew Sweezey, Salesforce

What makes a high performing marketing campaign? New data from 4,000 marketers gives us a clear answer. Join Mathew Sweezey as he reveals the secrets of high performers and breaks down six ultra-high performing B2B campaigns.

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