All businesses start with goals — revenue goals, market share goals, profit margin goals. But setting these goals is the easy part. It’s putting the right process in place to achieve them that’s truly difficult. What kind of sales structure do you need to reach your company’s stretch revenue goals? How can you increase lead generation to keep pace with ambitious growth objectives?

One increasingly popular option is Inside Sales. Cost-effective and scalable, Inside Sales has gained considerable traction among growing businesses in recent years. In fact, companies today are hiring nearly 10 times as many Inside Sales Reps (ISRs) as they are Outside Sales Reps. Clearly, if your company wants to create an efficient sales team, inbound reps may be the best way to go.

But knowing that Inside Sales is a viable route to revenue growth and understanding how to go about building a new team are two entirely different things. How can you determine how many quota-carrying ISRs you need to reach your revenue goals? How many Lead Generation Reps do you need to feed those ISRs enough opportunities? How long will your prospecting lists continue to supply your lead generation reps with viable leads? These are not simple questions.

Luckily, we’re here to help. In our new FREE eBook, “The Definitive Guide to Building a New B2B Inside Sales Team,” we will teach you how to build the perfect inside sales team for your particular circumstances.

This brand new eBook (complete with 3 interactive Excel models) helps CEOs and Sales Managers work backwards from their revenue goals by using a combination of company-specific information and industry best practices to figure out exactly what their team must look like in order to hit their goals and grow their business.

Once you know your sales revenue goals, you need to determine:

  • How many quota-carrying reps to hire to close the right number of deals

  • How many outbound lead generation reps to create the right number of opportunities for those inside sales reps

  • How many leads you need to create (from both marketing and prospecting lists) to feed your prospecting team

The eBook will help you answer all of these (among many others) by giving your three fully functional and interactive Excel tools as well as guidance about industry best practices and effective team structure.

Many smart companies are switching to an Inside Sales model, and this eBook will help you bring your own company into this exciting modern sales world.

Download the eBook Now

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