I remember attending the first Ramp conference two years ago. Hosted at Fenway Park, InsightSquared put forth a bold vision—to organize the revenue operations event of the year.

Standing in the Red Sox Dugout, peering across the field with a hundred fellow professionals in revenue operations, I felt like I found my tribe. This was a community who understood the power of alignment—that creating alignment across a company’s functional areas is the “master key” to unlocking exponential growth.

Since that first conference, my colleagues at OpFocus and I have been active members of the revenue operations community. We’ve learned a lot from each other. We’ve shared expertise and best practices. And we’ve pushed each other to grow as professionals.

Two years later, I’m very proud to share that OpFocus is a Gold Sponsor for Ramp 2019!

We know that companies are seeking clear answers on how to build a tech stack and operations process that can stand the repeated stress of growth. Many of our ambitious SaaS clients are seeking to “T2D3”—triple, triple, double, double, double, their revenue—and they come to our team looking for a proven process on how to do so.

After analyzing 2000+ projects over the past 13 years and studying our most successful clients, we’re excited to present the OpFocus T2D3 Growth Chart—a proven process for aligning a business’ functional areas in order to drive exponential growth with the big picture in mind.

With the OpFocus Growth Chart, revenue operations professionals will learn:

Check out our panel on Friday, 6/14, “Balancing the Overlap Between Business Functions and Revenue Operations.” Using the Growth Chart as a framework, revenue operations leaders in marketing, sales ops, and customer success will share their experiences in rapidly growing businesses.

Ramp 2019 is going to be the Revenue Operations event of the year.

Join us and find your tribe, too!

If you’re not yet registered, be sure to grab your ticket at ramp2019.insightsquared.com!

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