If you believe in the old saying that “knowledge is power”, take note: InsightSquared’s partner, ATS provider Bullhorn, begins data collection for their 2015 Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report this week.

This annual report compiles data from thousands of recruiting professionals, and provides in-depth analysis of data for firms from every corner of the staffing and recruiting spectrum.

The report includes hard data about compensation across industry roles (did you know recruiters at firms with 1-10 employees have an average annual salary of $78,000?), top candidate sourcing strategies (social media is a good bet for firms focused on permanent placement), the most effective performance benchmarks (you should be tracking total placements and fill rate, if nothing else), and the overall health of the industry.

Perhaps most importantly, the report provides data-backed predictions for what to expect throughout 2015. You can find last year’s version here.

You won’t find a more comprehensive analysis of trends in the staffing and recruiting industry anywhere else, and being huge data nerds ourselves, we can’t help but get excited about what this year’s report will turn up.

Of course, the more data Bullhorn can get, the more insights they will provide. That’s where you come in — if you work for a staffing or recruiting agency, fill out this survey to participate in the 2015 Trends Report. You’ll be rewarded down the line with a treasure trove of data about your peers.

And if you’re eager to discover more ways to use your firm’s performance data to begin making more placements in the short term, this eBook is a great place to start.

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