How I Knew Mark Roberge’s Book Would Be Great…A Year Before He Wrote It

A few months ago, HubSpot’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Roberge, published a highly anticipated book called “The Sales Acceleration Formula.” The book is a comprehensive guide to scaling an inside sales team that blends Mark’s own experiences at HubSpot with cutting-edge research about successful sales execution. It’s already been getting rave reviews around the sales world, and is considered by many to be a “must read” for anyone interested in data-driven sales.

The thing is, I knew that Mark’s book would be a sales game-changer a year before he even started writing it.

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Here’s the story. In the summer of 2013, InsightSquared was in a mad rush to create as much educational content for sales leaders as possible. We wanted to create a library of valuable resources for sales teams, and we knew that in order to do that we needed to talk to every smart, experienced sales leaders that we could. So we reached out to a handful of the men and women who had helped shape the way we thought about sales.

But Mark Roberge was perhaps the sales leader I was most excited to talk to. Mark is one of the most data-driven sales leaders we know, and easily one of the most influential in how we created our own sales process and execute our entire Go-to-Market strategy.

And seeing as he’s right down the street from our office, it was an easy decision to sit down with him for an afternoon to pick his brains about everything sales.

And that’s exactly what I did. A couple of my colleagues and I went into a HubSpot meeting room with dozens of specific questions, closed the door, and tried to get down to the nitty-gritty of Mark’s extensive sales knowledge.

What came out of this hours-long interview is a 60-page eBook that I’m especially proud of. Like “The Sales Acceleration Formula,” it’s filled with actionable advice for sales leaders who want to grow their results, as well as important lessons Mark learned on his path to $100M in revenue. Think of it as the perfect primer for Mark’s new book.

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This interview eBook has become a resource that we use internally to educate our own salespeople, and we’ve heard from a lot of people in other organizations who tell us that they do the same thing.

Some of the things Mark covers in the wide-ranging interview:

  • His biggest mistakes
  • His tips for hiring rockstar sales reps
  • The essential metrics he tracks every day
  • How he conducts different sales meetings
  • Successful sales and marketing alignment
  • How he defines inbound selling

We’re very excited that Mark’s book is out and, again, we wholeheartedly recommend checking it out.

And, in the meantime, get a feel for how Mark thinks about sales in our full interview or in a recent podcast we did with him.

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