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We’ve always believed that the best salespeople steal tricks from the marketer’s playbook.

Pardot’s Mathew Sweezey has perfected the use of automated email campaigns to warm up cold sales leads. He shared his secrets at the Sales Acceleration Summit in March. As we gear up for our next virtual sales summit on Sept. 10, we wanted to highlight some of Sweezey’s best tips for accelerating revenue.

Salespeople can’t follow up manually with all of the cold leads in your database. Lead nurturing helps your sales reps identify sales-ready prospects, so they can spend more time selling.

When a prospect engages with your email content, the salesperson is instantly notified. This gives the salesperson an excuse to reach out. It gives them context for the conversation. It allows them to say, “Hey, I noticed you got a chance to read that white paper. What are your thoughts on it?” It helps them pinpoint the right prospects and know the right things to say.

Designing an effective drip campaign

A drip email campaign for sales lead nurturing consists of three key elements:

1. Subject line

Approximately 294 billion emails rumble around the Internet every day. Differentiate your subject lines by making them personal, relevant and not about you.

2. Body

Make sure the content you’re sending is useful. Send something that answers common questions or helps your prospects do their jobs better. Use rich text, not HTML. If you send an HTML email, it will throw up a huge red flag that it’s coming from the marketing department. You want your prospect to think this is a personal email from a friendly, helpful sales rep — not the marketing team. Keep it short and simple.

3. Call-to-action

Remember, the content cannot be about you. Don’t send product brochures. Share relevant, third-party information, such as links to articles in trade magazines or blog posts. Your call-to-action is to read an article or report that offers solutions to a problem your prospect cares about. PDFs are not ideal. Stick with hyperlinks.

Timing is crucial

A drip nurturing campaign includes a series of emails spread out over a certain time frame. When you’re timing your drip program, include a pause in between emails. The general rule of thumb is to make sure your emails are not any closer than six days apart, and not any further apart than 45 days.

Here’s an example of a cold sales lead drip campaign from Sweezey’s presentation:

Use these techniques to help your sales reps identify prospects to engage. They will thank you because you’ll be filling their pipelines with minimal effort. And your CEO will thank you because you’ll be driving revenue in a cost-effective way.

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