You have a strategy for everything – for defining your sales process, designing sales contests, scripting cold calls… so why wouldn’t you have a concrete strategy for dealing with common customer objections?

Relying on your reps to come up with answers to objections in real time is a big mistake. Buyer objections are a part of the sales process, and your reps need to prepare for them.

Armed with a customer objection guide – in the form of a Word document or PowerPoint slides they can access at any time – your reps will feel more confident, give high-quality responses, and stay focused on helping the customer rather than coming up with on-the-fly answers to difficult questions.

Steli Efti, CEO of Elastic, Inc., urges sales managers to create an objection management document to prepare reps for inevitable customer objections. He suggests following these simple steps:

5 steps to writing an objection guide

  1. Write down the top 25 objections you’re facing in your market.

  2. Write down the best answers to each objection.

  3. Limit the answers to a max. of 3 sentences.

  4. Have at least 10 people review the answers and give feedback.

  5. Train your team and yourself to know these answers by heart.

The value? “The boost in confidence it will give you and your team when delivering the answers,” says Efti. Smooth delivery and educational conversations lead to better business relationships and more deals.

How does your team deal with customer objections?

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