80 Page eBook on Building Outbound Lead Generation Team is the Longest Ever

BOSTON, Mass. — October 28, 2013 – InsightSquared, the award-winning provider of the #1 Salesforce Analytics software for small and midsize companies, just released an eBook of massive proportions centered around the topic of sales prospecting.  This eBook entitled, “The Definitive Guide to Building a Successful Prospecting Team,” written by Vice President, Zorian Rotenberg and Content Writer, Mike Baker, is the largest of nine eBooks published by InsightSquared and will be extremely useful for sales managers and Sales VPs.  Inside this eBook, one will find insights on the fundamentals of outbound lead generation including four questions you should ask yourself before building a prospecting team.

This eBook takes the reader through the steps of building a prospecting team, managing a team and then discusses which metrics the team should be measured on.  This eBook is unique in that it includes fully functional excel models to assist you in sizing your team.  There are clickable links which will open these exclusive interactive models.  One model is a monthly planning tool, and there is another that will help you calculate market coverage and dials.  Both are critical to the job of Sales VPs.

Also included is “The Definitive Scorecard for Top Sales VPs,” a test model for determining Dial:Opp conversion rate for each targeted segment and the Opp:Deal or Win Rate% as well as a template for a sales call plan and template for an SDR weekly plan.

“I think this book answers some of the questions that a lot of sales managers and CEOs are asking these days: What do I need to know to build an outbound prospecting team? How big should my team be? What metrics should I track to ensure it’s performing up to expectations?” said author Zorian Rotenberg.  “This eBook serves as a one-stop shop for companies starting to think about adding or improving an outbound sales prospecting team.”

Download “The Definitive Guide to Building a Successful Outbound Lead Generation Team” https://offers.insightsquared.com/outbound_prospecting1.html

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