Jason Jordan’s 3 Secrets of Successful Sales Pipeline Management

This is a guest post from Jason Jordan, a recognized thought leader in the domain of B2B selling and sales management. He is the best-selling author of “Cracking the Sales Management Code.” 

Everywhere I go, one question comes up again and again.

“How can I manage my pipeline more effectively?”

I’ve talked to hundred of sales managers, and this is by far the most common question I get. They believe that there is a right way to manage their pipelines, but they just don’t have the data to know exactly what it is.

And it turned out neither did I. I could try to provide them with the right answer, but I realized that what I really needed was a study that outlined pipeline management techniques on one side of the ledger and year-over-year revenue growth on the other. This way, I could determine once and for all which pipeline management strategies actually lead to sales success.

To do this, I teamed up with the Sales Management Association and studied 62 B2B companies, asked them about how they manage their pipelines and compared their answers to how much their revenue grew (or shrank) over the course of a year.

What I learned changed the way I think about pipeline management best practices forever. I discovered that there were several specific pipeline management techniques consistently used by high-growth sales teams. There were, in fact, 3 pipeline management practices that correlated with very significant year-over-year sales growth.

I’m excited to talk about this study because I really believe its findings could change the way you think about the way you lead your sales team. The specific results of the study can all be found in a free new eBook I produced with The Sales Management Association and InsightSquared ‒ and you can get it here ‒ but first I wanted to give you a brief overview of the study and its findings.

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The Study

About a year ago, we found more than 60 companies that fit the description we were looking for: fast-growing B2B companies with inside sales teams. We asked dozens of questions about how these sales teams manage their pipelines and crunched the numbers to see if we could spot the specific pipeline practices (if any) that strongly correlated with year-over-year revenue growth.

The Results

I’ll cut to the chase: The outcome of the study was incredibly useful, and somewhat surprising. We found 3 pipeline management practices that clearly separated the most successful sales teams from the rest of the pack. In fact, when taken in aggregate, these 3 relatively simple practices resulted in a 28% increase in year-over-year revenue growth!

The Report

Because the results of this study were so compelling, we decided that they would be perfect as the basis for a report that sales managers could use to improve the way they manage their teams’ pipelines. So I teamed up with InsightSquared and the Sales Management Association to compile the findings in a single report that you can return to again and again as you go about the important work of improving your pipeline management process.

This report explains the 3 main findings and then goes one step further and helps sales leaders learn how to apply them in their own sales organizations.

This report has been a long time in the making, and I’m incredibly excited to share it with all of you. I’ve already incorporated the findings from the study into the advice I give sales leaders, but now I’m ready to share them with a much larger audience. I truly believe that these 3 pipeline management best practices will improve the way you lead your sales team and help you get immediate results.

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About Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan is a recognized thought leader in the domain of business-to-business selling and conducts ongoing research into management best practices in hiring, developing, measuring, and managing world-class sales organizations. Jason’s extensive research into sales performance metrics led to the breakthrough insights published in his first book, “Cracking The Sales Management Code.

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