Lucidchart Returns to Ramp 2019

Lucidchart is thrilled to be returning as a platinum sponsor of the revenue ops event of the year, Ramp by Insightsquared! Last year, VP of Sales Peter Chun led an interactive discussion with ops pros on the business, sales, and marketing sides of the house.

We also spoke to many sales, ops, revenue, and marketing leaders who are looking for ways to see a more holistic picture of the accounts that reps are actively working. Although CRMs hold a lot of valuable account information, that information isn’t very organized or usable when confined to rows of data. It doesn’t paint the picture of the organization to help a rep effectively work a specific account.

An account map provides a holistic view of an account, helping sales reps keep track of the influencers, blockers, champions, and buyers. If your reps start building it as soon as they start working an account, the map becomes a crucial reference throughout the deal cycle.

At Lucidchart, every time we discuss a key deal, we pull up the account map. This visual representation is especially useful during 1:1s and pipeline reviews. Reps are more confident and better able to communicate their work, showing exactly who they’ve been talking to and where the deal stands. Sales leaders are able to identify where additional coaching is needed and point out key relationships that reps may have missed.

As they uncover these relationships, reps develop the emotional intelligence needed to understand the inner workings of an organization. And with this deep understanding, they can focus on perfecting the value-based sale.

With the Lucidchart Salesforce integration, sales reps can import their Salesforce contacts and quickly build account maps to visualize key relationships and find the best path to sale. With bi-directional sync, any changes made in Lucidchart, such as adding new contacts, will be instantly reflected in Salesforce and vice versa.

This year, Lucidchart will also showcase an exciting new partnership at their Ramp 2019 booth with more details to be announced in May.

Stop by our booth at Ramp 2019 to find out why sales leaders turn to the Lucidchart Sales Solution to enable their sales orgs to deliver clarity at every stage of the sales cycle. With our intuitive, cloud-based solution, sales teams can work visually and collaborate in real time while building account maps, proposals, sales process flows, and more.

Interested in joining the revenue ops event of the year? Ramp by InsightSquared will be held in Boston on June 13th and 14th, 2019. Register here!