Mark Roberge’s Top 5 Development Tactics

You don’t grow a Sales team from 1 to 200 employees without picking up a few killer development techniques along the way, and that’s exactly what Mark Roberge has done over his incredibly successful tenure at HubSpot.

In fact, he’s learned five. So what are they?

  1. Use “Black Hat/White Hat” film reviews. “This is when you listen to a recorded call as a team and have one person give positive comments and another give negative feedback.”

  2. Make time for role playing and modeling “You should do this regularly, and you should do it with both reps and managers.”

  3. Have regular call prep and post-mortem discussions. “These are essential for providing call-specific feedback and helping reps improve their phone skills.”

  4. Use pipeline reviews to discuss specific opportunities. “Pipeline reviews are a great way to challenge every opportunity in the pipeline and ask reps directly why they think a certain deal will close.”

  5. Study daily activity reports. “You’ll never hit your number without analyzing your team’s activities on a daily basis.”

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