One of the coolest (and most important) ways we use InsightSquared around the office may not be how you would expect. Every morning InsightSquared’s Systems Engineer Jack Alper walks past the buzzing sales team and turns on a television monitor that displays a continuous rotation of management’s favorite dashboards.

Transparency is natural at a startup. But these dashboards are an effective tool because they get everyone on the same page when it comes to hitting goals. Displaying different metrics around the office also reminds our team that there are areas to improve each day.

But building a data-driven culture is not easy. It takes time and an emphasis from management to make more than just the monthly quota the end-all, be-all for sales. Visually seeing the goal for each month reinforce the expectations of the team. Account managers are inherently competitive individuals so it’s important to build healthy competition for your inside sales team.

Set up your monitor in 3 steps

1. Connect a computer to a TV or monitor using a VGA cable.

2. Sign in with your InsightSquared account.

3. Navigate to the dashboard of your choice.

Interested in testing out one of our newest features? Use the Full Screen option under The Lab on your navigation bar.

Our 3 Favorite Dashboards

Activity Dashboard
1. Bookings by Employee is a great way to build a competitive team spirit.

2. Total Activity Over Time displays a leading indicator of how the rest of your month will unfold.

3. Sales Trending This Month shows your team’s performance against the expected monthly quota.

Sales chatter throughout the day keeps the office active and lively. Harness this energy by continuously rotating different dashboards throughout the day to remain focused on the larger goals of closing more deals and building a profitable business.

Companies driven by the numbers take every opportunity to improve their performance with data. This is another way you can make your company more metric focused.

Want an easier way to pull these metrics?

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