New Feature: Collapsible Navigation Bar

At InsightSquared, we abide by the adage that “bigger is better,” and let “K.I.S.S.” guide our product design (Keep It Simple Stupid—not lycra-clad rockstar Gene Simmons…). These two principles are both exemplified in our new Collapsible Navigation Bar.

Mouse over the navigation bar on the left side of the screen—see the little arrow at the top left? Click it. *BOOM!* Magic. Category headings have been replaced by icons, and that nav bar has shrunk to a slim toolbar along the side of the screen. A small improvement, but our new nav bar cleans up user interface, and provides 10 percent more screen width for a larger dashboard workspace. Mouse over the icons for category headings and menu selections, or click the arrow in the top left corner again to return to the original navigation bar.

What do you think of the new collapsible navigation bar? Let us know!

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