Introduction to Objective Paradigm

 Objective Paradigm is a premier technical recruiting firm servicing some of the world’s foremost  market leaders and high growth start-up companies. Founded in 1999, their organization specializes in working with technology-focused, rapid growth companies looking to augment their workforce quickly — which means Objective Paradigm relies heavily on technology themselves to streamline the recruitment process and provide rapid and effective services to their clients.

Avid users of the Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System since 2006, in early 2011 the management team at Objective Paradigm determined that they needed to augment their Bullhorn reporting and analytics in order to better track applicants throughout the placement process and demonstrate their efficiencies to clients when sourcing candidates.

Bullhorn Reporting Challenges and Getting Started with InsightSquared

Prior to InsightSquared, Objective Paradigm used Bullhorn for their basic reporting, and developed detailed spreadsheets in Excel to track more advanced metrics. They also logged their activities using whiteboards to track their progress each month which was, admittedly, a duplication of their efforts. Objective Paradigm needed a solution that was automated and reliable, and in which accessing reports both internally and for clients would be simple and immediate.

At their corporate offices in Chicago, IL, Objective Paradigm’s Director of Research, Ben Solomon, manages a 5-person sourcing team that focuses on IT and Technology recruiting for financial firms. Solomon, a heavy user of the product, explained, “Once we started using InsightSquared, we got better at our own processes. By using their best practices, we discovered how we needed to set things up in Bullhorn differently, and using InsightSquared helped us design the flow behind these processes.”

Because Objective Paradigm has several lines of business, one of their biggest struggles was in standardizing their data across their 3 main revenue streams: Direct Hire, Contract Staffing, and their RPO group. “Along with our own internal process changes, InsightSquared helped streamline reporting across our 3 lines of business. This made it easier to compare and report on each individually and in comparison to the other groups,” explained Solomon.

Once these new workflows were in place, InsightSquared also made it much easier for all team members to report to their managers and clients: managers in the Direct Hire group no longer needed to keep track of their own data, run reports on it and send to managers. RPO Recruiters were now able to log into InsightSquared to report their account activities directly to clients, and create their reports each week instead of spending hours in Excel and Bullhorn custom reporting. As a side effect, since implementing InsightSquared in 2011, Objective Paradigm has seen over a 90% improvement in Data Quality in Bullhorn.

Using InsightSquared to Analyze Effort and Demonstrate Value to Prospective Clients

InsightSquared also helps the team at Objective Paradigm demonstrate value to clients and prospective clients, giving them an edge over their competition. Managers instantly know exactly how much activity their team needs to perform to generate new placements and are able to show prospective clients exactly what activities they will complete for them in order to produce the results they need. The team often sends reports from InsightSquared to give prospects a real-life example of their performance within similar verticals.

On top of this, Recruitment Managers at Objective Paradigm use InsightSquared to manage their recruiters on what types of jobs, which clients and what types of activities they should focus on to get the best results. By leveraging reports like activity and job order dashboards, activity ratios and nightly status emails, recruiters can focus on the quality of their submissions to improve their efficiency, something that Solomon conveyed, “came up much more easily and quickly once we started reporting through InsightSquared. InsightSquared helped us track the efforts that go into our results.”

Ultimately, Solomon had these words to say for teams who need more vision into their revenue, activities, and overall growth: What you get out of InsightSquared for the minimal amount of effort it takes to get into it is incredible. If you are using Bullhorn, I just can’t understand why you wouldn’t be using InsightSquared.


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