Sean Burke is standing up for the most underappreciated members of a SaaS team: the Sales Development Reps.

Burke is the CEO of KiteDesk, a Florida-based software platform that makes sales prospecting easier. He is a serial entrepreneur and has acted as a founder or as a core leadership team member in nine different early stage companies across technology, financial services and consulting. After nearly two decades of sales experience, Burke completely understands the struggle of SDRs and his goal is to make their jobs better.

“Prospecting is mentally tough,” he said. “Most people love to hear positive things. The constant rejection and the amount of work for the results that you get makes it very difficult.”

In the latest episode of Ramp, Burke shares how to help your SDR team, and drive better sales performance.

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In addition to being crucial to the company’s growth, sales prospecting is also one of the best experiences for professional growth. In fact, Burke said that he believes it’s one of the best job experiences because it teaches you so much.

“You miss the point if you look at the negatives of prospecting,” Burke explained. “There is tremendous growth that you get as a person by going through this process. Prospecting pushes you mentally to be strong and to figure things out.”

In this exclusive 22 minute episode, Burke shares:

  • The pros and cons of selling to sales reps
  • The metrics he uses to measure sales productivity
  • The future of the sales technology market
  • …and much more

Learn how to better empower your SDRs on the latest episode of Ramp.

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