Nearly every SaaS company invests in inside sales once they find product-market fit, but each company manages sales differently. That disparity in sales leadership can be the reason one company fails, and another scales.

That’s why Lori Richardson is so successful. She is the founder and CEO of Score More Sales, the sales consultancy firm that helps B2B companies grow front-line sales. Before starting her own business, Richardson worked in tech sales for companies like Apple, IBM, and HP, and rose through the ranks from an individual contributor closing multi-million dollar deals to an inside sales leader.

She said that companies almost universally underestimate the need for in-depth, organized, and powerful sales training.

“You can’t just assume a new rep will figure it all out,” Richardson explained. “Don’t assume that because a rep was successful in the past, they will be again. Reps need structure; they need direction and guidance.”

In the latest episode of Ramp, Richardson explains how to create a sales training and onboarding process that will kickstart SaaS growth.

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For sales leaders, and especially sales managers, there’s often a million moving parts to manage all at once. Training and onboarding are simply too important to overall sales success to be a secondary concern.

“You don’t just turn reps loose and hope they remembered something from training,” Richardson said. “Measure and rate how the reps are doing over time, and bring more science and metrics to selling.”

In this exclusive 18 minute episode, Richardson shared:

  • The sales performance metrics that matter for sales managers
  • The best tools for SaaS sales managers
  • How to incorporate content into the sales process
  • …and much more.

Learn why metrics-driven sales training and onboarding makes such a difference for SaaS companies in the newest episode of Ramp.

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