Professional Staffing Group: A Competitive Edge

Professional Staffing Group

Professional Staffing Group was created in 1994, then going by the name Legal Resources. Based out of Jackson, Mississippi, they specialize in placing candidates in Legal, IT/Tech, Healthcare, Accounting/Financial, Office Support and Call Centers. As a small (8 fulltime employees), independent firm (Certified Women Owned Business Enterprise), Professional Staffing Group competes with national firms with their excellent track record and innovative uses of new technologies to track, measure, and verify their results to clients to give them a competitive edge in their market.

Jane Sanders-Waugh is the co-Founder and General Manager at Professional Staffing Group, and Cindy Rocray is their Controller. We spoke with both of them regarding their experience with InsightSquared.

What were your first impressions of InsightSquared?

[blockquote align=”right”]I found [InsightSquared and] was jumping up and down the halls.[/blockquote] I [Jane] came across it serendipitously while looking through the partner page of [our Applicant Tracking System] Bullhorn, and I went jumping up and down the halls telling my recruiters about it. This was exactly what I needed personally and for the team. I’m an attorney by training and a “self-taught” business manager, and this kind of analysis does not come readily to me. I could see where this product would eliminate many headaches and make tracking data simple, accessible, and easily understood by everyone regardless of their aptitude for numbers, ratios, and statistics!  And the graphs and charts are so fun!

It’s been a great tool to make our ATS easier to use. InsightSquared disciplines us to use Bullhorn more effectively and helps us get our data in there. Since we started using InsightSquared, helping the team hold themselves accountable in their job is no longer drudgery as was the case working with multiple and cumbersome reports. No more nagging for activity reports from the recruiters, not to mention saving Cindy hours of time gathering and compiling data!

We’ve definitely seen your Data Quality trending up.

When we started, we had lots of data clean-up to do.  Insight Squared helped us simplify that process and now keeps us disciplined regarding data quality with daily notices about specific data errors or if we’re missing crucial data.   Just recently, I noticed we had dropped from our very high level of data quality. All I had to do was click “send a note” to the personal responsible.  It tells that person exactly what is wrong and how to fix it!

PSG Data Quality Dashboard, 12 months

I have given each Recruiter full administrative rights.  We can remind each other of data errors so if I get distracted and don’t check in daily, someone else will likely catch it. They also all have access to the nightly summary emails. Those emails are the first things I see in the morning, when I’m up at 5am and each employee checks the daily report too. It’s a wonderful self-management tool –much nicer than I am at times.

How else has InsightSquared helped your team and your business?

[blockquote align=”right”]When [our clients] see we have the tools and the verifiable track record, then we close the deal…[/blockquote]Metrics are important to us. These reports help us differentiate our services from competitors in our area.  It also shows a level of sophistication that is important to our professional sector clients. We can make claims and back them up with the numbers and those fun graphs!  This has helped us gain higher level searches, especially when talent has to relocate to Mississippi.

Our numbers prove that we can compete.  When they see we have the tools and the verifiable track record, then we close the deal with our home court advantage — who better to get folks to move to Mississippi than folks who live here and love it?

PSG Activity Ratios

Just recently, you guys added a new summary report.  It captured data from the last two years showing efficiency percentage  and percent of close by client account. I was nervous as I scrolled to the bottom not sure of what to expect, but was delighted when I arrived at the total: 90% placement rate and 122% efficiency. Hey, that’s good isn’t it?!

I even put a ratio on our new website (with confidence) that our client interview to placement is often 1:1 and rarely more than 3:1. I keep checking from month to month to be sure that remains true!  So far it does!  What a great team we have at PSG and to have a great tool like Insight Squared to use to brag about them is just fantastic.

Anything else stand out in your mind?

In our Monday morning staff meeting, getting the weekly report is easy.  We used to spend the morning getting the data on the white board!  Now we just pull up the pertinent chart on InsightSquared using our projector.

Speaking of great teams, you guys have been very responsive and are quick to accommodate our customization needs. We like that a lot.

Jane, Cindy, we couldn’t be happier to help. Thanks!