Sales Benchmarking – Does your Company Stack Up?

About a year ago, we at InsightSquared confronted an interesting dilemma. We wanted to know how our growth trend compared to other companies in our space. Were we growing fast enough? Should we be spending more energy and resources targeting larger deals? How were our reps stacking up against others in the industry?

But the sad truth was that there just wasn’t a ton of data out there to help high-growth, Inside Sales companies like us answer these important questions.

But we had an advantage. We had tons of data about companies just like us, and we decided to put it to good use. We looked at the data and realized it could help us answer 4 critical questions:

  1. What Do High-Growth Companies Do Differently?

  2. Are Big Deals Worth It?

  3. How Much Should Sales Performance Vary?

  4. How Much Time Are We Wasting Chasing Bad Deals?

Armed with our trove of data, we were able to answer these four questions with satisfying precision. The results, gleaned from thousands of data points, allowed us to set benchmarks for our own company.

And yours. For the first time, we are sharing these benchmarks with you so you can see how your own company stacks up against best-in-class, high-growth companies with inside sales teams.

Check out our new FREE benchmarking report to see if your company is performing in line with the best of the best.

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