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Staffing and recruiting firms are faced with more choices than ever to find, connect with, and place candidates. In order to be successful, it’s important that you know what to measure and how. Getting the most accurate information to boost business is all about asking the right question—so set yourself and your firm apart with these 10 must-ask questions to measure performance. The answers will provide insight into what’s going well, who is working effectively, and where there are areas for improvement. By incorporating this information into your business, you will see a great boost in your firm’s activities.

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  • Tom Hart

    All important questions. “How accurate is my data?” is a big one. Key decisions are made based on data and if the data isn’t accurate, it will set the company back.

  • Jacob james

    Must ask the questions which you have in your mind. You can get the help from the and may be it will be help full for you. Hope you will solve these questions.

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