Steve Richard – What you Get Out of Sales Coaching

We had the great privilege of attending the OpenView Venture Partners Outbound Lead Generation Management Workshop. While many great speakers and sales experts held court on a variety of sales subjects, our favorite was the session hosted by Steve Richard, the CEO of Vorsight (and an InsightSquared customer!). [image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”32551″ align=”right” title=”Steve Richard” alt=”Steve Richard” width=”295″ height=”271″ quality=”100″] Steve, in a talk titled “Qualitative Performance Measurement & Developing a Team of Rockstars,” shared his thoughts on what prospecting teams can get out of sales coaching.

Here is a list of some of the main benefits of sales coaching for prospecting teams highlighted by Steve in his talk.

1. Pulse on the organization

Are your sales reps aware of the company’s big picture and long-term goals? Is the sales team plugged into how the rest of the company is doing? Are they aware of what people are saying about the company and their team, both externally and internally?

2. Performance improvement / sell more stuff

Inspire your prospecting team to improve its performance so that the whole team will sell more stuff! Let them know that there is always room for improvement and learning.

3. Good messaging / all reps on the same page

Make sure that all the reps on your prospecting team are on the same page with the message they are pitching about your company, products and services. It is critical that your reps are consistent about promoting the same message.

4. What’s working / what’s not

Are your reps’ prospecting techniques working? Focus on repeating specific aspects that are working well and eliminating methods that are not.

5. Improve engagement

The best prospecting teams engage regularly not just with their clients, but also with each other. Reps who are well-engaged with their customers and teammates will develop better client relationships and more collaborative work habits.

6. Continued learning

Learning never stops. Instill in your reps an attitude of continued learning every day, learning from mistakes and constantly seeking new knowledge or prospecting methods.

7. Learn from each other

Collaboration is essential on the sales team. Help your prospecting reps understand that there is a great deal they can learn, not only from you the sales coach, but also from each other. One rep who had great success with one method could share his tips and tricks with the rest of his team. A rising tide lifts all boats.

8. Retention

Amid the continued learning of sales and prospecting, it’s critical to constantly reinforce old lessons to ensure that reps are retaining that knowledge.

9. Confidence

Each of your prospecting reps should have the utmost confidence in their own abilities, fervently believing that they make the best calls, host the most effective demos and can close any prospect.

10. Attitude

Positive and confident attitudes are infectious, and your reps will look to you, the sales coach, for their cues. Spread positivity and confidence throughout your team, starting from the top-down with you.

11. Teach employees to solve their own problems

Sales coaching is not about telling reps what to do – it’s all about teaching them how to do it. The best sales coaches instill in their reps an attitude of being able to proactively solve their own problems.

12. Rewards / recognition

Finally, sales coaching sessions should not be all about constructive criticism and assessment; there should also be ample room for recognizing your best performers. Rewarding top sales reps in such a public setting can serve as great motivation and incentive to the rest of your team.

Prospecting teams have a great deal to gain from sales coaching sessions. With the right approach, sales managers can use these sessions to dramatically improve not only the performances, but also the attitudes and morale of the entire sales team.

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