For sales managers, the key to making weekend work time efficient is knowing which big-picture sales metrics will prepare you for your early Monday morning sales meeting and your weekly one-on-ones. All it takes is an hour or two with the right sales reports to review the past week and prepare for the week ahead.

And the best part about looking at these sales metrics over the weekend? You can internalize them without distraction.

During those Monday sales meetings, you’ll present some slides to your sales team with sales results from last week, how each rep is measuring against their goals, which open opportunities should be prioritized, and a forecast for the rest of the month. You don’t want to rush when preparing these slides and reports – especially when you’ve barely had your first cup of coffee!

Here are the 3 metrics sales managers should review over the weekend to prepare and set the tone for a productive week:

Bookings trajectory

Sales managers and their reps are measured against their monthly quota. The bar for quotas is raised from the historical trend line, with the expectation of continued sales and company growth.

Is sales on track to hit their goal for the month? What should you say at the Monday meeting to motivate your sales team? Are there any outstanding accomplishments you’d want to bring up? Use a report like the InsightSquared Bookings Trajectory report below to visualize your team’s progress and inspire conversation.

Open Pipeline

Take a look at all the open opportunities in the pipeline. Which ones are at risk? What do you need to go over with the team on Monday morning and during their one-on-ones? Are your reps hitting their individual goals for the week and month? Take a few minutes to look at each opportunity and take notes to use as talking points in your meetings.

Rep activity

Look at your rep’s activity from the past week in preparation for your one-on-ones. Don’t just look at raw activity metrics – spend more time digging into their conversion rates between funnel stages. Are some of them seeing a dropoff from one stage to the next? Note it and bring it up with that rep during your next one-on-one meeting.

If you notice that most of your reps are having trouble converting opportunities in the bottom of the funnel, then plan that week’s training session around price negotiation, for example.

Get These Weekend Sales Reports »

By taking an hour or two to go over these metrics over the weekend, you’ll start each week with a big picture idea of where your reps are and where your sales team is in relation to your goals.

Sales Professionals: What work do you do on weekends, if any? Which sales metrics do you look at? Share with us in the comments below – we’re curious to know!

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