What a year it’s been!

We learned a lot in 2014 and we hope that, by reading our blog and checking out our library of great content, that you did too. Want to catch up on all the latest and greatest sales, marketing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) insights that we wrote about this past year?

Here it is, the must-read content from the InsightSquared Sales & Marketing Analytics Blog published in 2014. Whether you want to learn sales rep best practices, the keys to data-driven sales management, sales metrics and Salesforce operations, SaaS findings or some just-for-fun topics, we got you covered!

Sales Rep Best Practices

The 5 Biggest Mistakes all Sales Reps Make – The best way to stop making mistakes and improve your selling skills? Identify the mistakes you’re making in the first place! These 5 common slip-ups are a good place to start and measure yourself against.

Don’t BANT, Just CHAMP! Sales Qualification Questions for Champions – Using BANT – budget, authority, need and timeline – to qualify prospects is a relic of the past. Today’s modern sales reps qualify by using CHAMP.

How to Leave a Sales Voicemail that Actually Gets Responses – As much as we would like them to, prospects don’t always pick up the phone when we call. If you want these busy professionals to call you back, the voicemails you leave had better be top-notch!

True Crimes: Cold Sales Emails – Some sales reps have no idea how to write sales emails, and don’t ever get theirs read. These are their (true) stories.

The 5 Keys of B2B Sales Negotiation – Negotiating a contract with a client can be an uncomfortable proposition for both sides. Follow these 5 steps to ensure you don’t end up on the losing end of this battle.

How to Create a Great Sales Rep Profile on LinkedIn – In this modern age of Social Selling, one of the most important tools in a rep’s arsenal is their LinkedIn profile. Make sure you get yours right.

Data-Driven Sales Management / Sales Operations

A Day in the Life of a Data-Driven Sales VP – Come walk in the shoes of a data-driven Sales VP at a software company to get a glimpse of just what it’s like to run your business and your sales team by the numbers.

The Difference Between Reactive and Proactive Sales Coaching – Reactive sales coaching doesn’t get results; proactive sales coaching does. Figure out how to change your coaching style to a more proactive one by learning about the differences between the two.

A Roadmap to Analyze your Sales Funnel Conversions – Knowing your sales funnel conversions – at which stage you’re losing the most opportunities – can help you plug those leaks. Study this roadmap to determine what to look for when analyzing your sales funnel conversion rates.

[Infographic] Sales Forecasting: Science or Myth? – It’s time to settle this once and for all: is sales forecasting an intuition-based myth? Or a metrics-based science? Which sales forecasting method will deliver the most accurate results for you?

Sales Pipeline Flow – How are Things Changing? – Your sales pipeline is constantly changing, day-by-day, even hour-by-hour. As a data-driven sales manager, it is critical for you to have full visibility into the flow of your sales pipeline, and how everything is changing over time.

Going Beyond the Lead Source – Campaigns in Salesforce.com – Simply tracking which lead sources are producing the most opportunities and deals for you is no longer sufficient in today’s selling climate – it’s time to start setting up campaigns in Salesforce.com.

The Value – and Difficulty – of Cross-Object Reporting in Salesforce – Analyzing different and disparate objects to draw actionable insights is incredibly difficult in Salesforce.com, yet can also be a huge value in managing your team and process. How can you overcome those obstacles?

Why do Sales Reps Hate Using CRM – Your sales reps hate using your Salesforce.com CRM, but you need them to get onboard. If you want them to buy in, first you have to figure out what’s preventing them from doing so in the first place.


Jason Lemkin: The Right Sales Metrics for your SaaS Startup – Not sure which of the myriad sales metrics are the most important ones to track for your SaaS startup? Let Jason Lemkin, the Managing Director of Storm Ventures, shed some light for you.

Lincoln Murphy: Finding Success for your SaaS Customers – One of the most important aspects of running a successful SaaS company is maintaining customer happiness post-sale. Lincoln Murphy, the Customer Success Evangelist, shares his tips on just how to do so.

5 SaaS Rules David Skok Should Have Tweeted by Now – David Skok’s blog, For Entrepreneurs, is a veritable Bible for SaaS founders. Here are 5 rules that he hasn’t shared yet, but probably should!

Why SaaS Companies Should Care about Dollar-Weighted Account Churn – You know all about customer churn, and revenue churn…but what is dollar-weighted account churn, and why is this an important metric to track?

Just for fun!

Sales Management Lessons from Game of Thrones – The hit HBO TV show Game of Thrones is full of medieval action, political intrigue, sprawling worlds, rich characters and…sales management lessons? It’s true!

8 Powerful Sales Lessons from The Wire – You’ve never seen hit HBO TV show The Wire?? You’re missing out on some truly powerful and resonant sales lessons.

How to Get Out (and Stay Out!) of the Sales Friend Zone – The Sales Friend Zone is a dangerous and unproductive place to be stuck in – don’t let you or your fellow reps suffer this fate.


Thanks for reading and for all your support in 2014! Here’s to another amazing year coming up in 2015.

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