The Best Chrome Extensions for Sales Reps

Every sales rep wants to be more productive – make more calls, connect with more prospects and close more deals. One way you can make the most of your time is by installing useful, sales-focused Chrome extensions to your browser. There are a variety of interesting, time-saving, and helpful browser add-ons that can vastly improve your experience online and make your job easier.

Here are our favorite Chrome extensions, specifically curated with sales reps in mind, that will improve how you email, prospect for leads, focus, and so much more.

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When is the best time to send emails to prospects? You may have done tests and found that for your industry, people are most responsive on Tuesday afternoons, between 1 and 3 PM. But how can you make sure you send emails at that exact time every week? Use the Boomerang extension to schedule messages in Gmail, even when you’re not available to press send. Send out emails when you’re on vacation, in a meeting, or early in the morning when you’re not even in the office yet. Follow up with every sales lead at the exact right time, even those in different time zones.


Nearly every sales rep wants to know exactly who’s reading their emails and when. The Yesware extension alerts you whenever someone opens your emails. Users don’t know that you’re tracking them, but you’ll know what’s happening. Yesware also offers email templates that can be re-used to save time, as well as reporting on which email templates have the highest open rates for prospects. For the sale rep who relies on trigger events to warm up cold leads, Yesware’s extension is invaluable.


Similar to Yesware, ToutApp offers email tracking, but also lets you know when prospects have clicked a link in an email or opened an attachment you’ve sent to them. The tool integrates with Gmail, Outlook as well as Salesforce and offers automated follow-up emails, a meeting scheduler, and analytics and reports to show you which emails are the most effective in reeling in prospects. There is even a real-time activity feed showing exactly what’s going on with your emails right now. It also automatically updates your CRM with any new activity, which will save you tons of time on data entry.
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Google Calendar

Never forget about a single meeting or miss a call with a prospect again. Use the Google Calendar extension in Chrome and your calendar will be constantly at your fingertips and easy to see. This extension adds a small button to the top of your browser so you can click to see upcoming events without leaving the tab you already have open. You can also easily add upcoming events to your calendar without leaving the page you’re on. This makes it incredibly easy to add a new meeting to your calendar while you’re still in Salesforce.


Sales reps are always switching between programs – between prospecting on LinkedIn, logging into email, opening Salesforce, and a million other programs. LastPass can save you serious time and brainpower by saving all of your various passwords. Instead of memorizing complex passwords that fit the strict requirements of many sites, LastPass remembers them for you. The secure extension will automatically save all your passwords and log you into each site when you visit. Forget that mnemonic device you use to remember your passwords, and start using LastPass to save time.

Cirrus Insight

If you’re a constant Salesforce user, you’ll love this tool from Cirrus Insight, which integrates your Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts all with Salesforce. You can save emails and attachments from prospects immediately to Salesforce, without copy pasting or logging into another program. You can track email opens, create new leads and contacts in Salesforce from Gmail, and more. This extension will save you tons of time toggling between your email and Salesforce.


What is your main focus for today? The Momentum extension wants to help remind you of your goals, and inspire you to accomplish them. This tool replaces your new tab page with a beautiful photo of your choice, the time, the weather, your To-Do list, and whatever else you’d like. This simple extension serves as a reminder for what you’d like to accomplish today, and could help keep you on track for your day with less procrastination.


This extension allows you to quickly find suitable target companies and contacts within Pipetop CRM, via Linkedin or anywhere else on the web. Once you’ve added them to Pipetop via the extension, the tool automatically finds emails for chosen contacts. Later you can to export companies and contacts to Salesforce, SalesLoft or any other CRM tool.


You may not need every single extension on this list, but choosing to use even a few of these tools can improve your sales results. Manage your time, stay organized and start prospecting and emailing smarter with these top-rated Chrome extensions for sales reps.
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