The Bowdoin GroupThe Bowdoin Group is a recruiting firm based in Wellesley, Massachusetts specializing in Financial Services, Information Services & Media, Software & Technology, IT Consulting, and Life Sciences and Biotechnology. Founded in 1994, The Bowdoin Group has a solid track record of excellent customer service and delivering exemplary candidates.

Sarah Wachter is a Research and Data Specialist at The Bowdoin Group. We spoke to Sarah about her experience with our product, focusing in on the data it provided to their employees via the Activity Feed, Dashboard, Nightly Emails and Employee Scorecards.

What analytics did your employees have before and after InsightSquared?

They didn’t. Employees didn’t get any info before you guys. No one made any requests to pull data for them as it’s not easy to do and it’s on a one-by-one basis.

“We really found it to be a great one stop shop for what’s going on with your business.”
After we got InsightSquared going, everyone had access to their and the company’s data. We look at revenue, value of revenue, placement status, what placements we’ve made, data errors and more.

Dave Melville (CEO & Founder) is especially all over the data errors. If a placement is showing up zero, Dave is on your case about it. We really found it to be a great one stop shop for what’s going on with your business. A really easy way to identify the problem areas.

Data Errors

And employee dashboards, which we email every week to each employee, has become a major component of our conversation with them. It is a great tool in terms of being able to give managers a real snapshot [of each employee’s activity], and we use that snapshot to make business decisions.

What is a business decision you’ve made due to InsightSquared?

Well one example comes from the data on the Candidate Source Page.

Candidates by Source

(Demo example of Candidate Source Page) 

One of our sources was up for renewal and we had to figure out whether it was worth renewing with them or not. So we checked out the Candidate Source Page in InsightSquared. How have we been using them?

Turns out, we’ve had them for 6 months but only really utilized them for 2 of those month. We saw two activity spikes from them in those 6 months and made just one placement. So we had to quickly decide whether to try harder to mine that candidate source, or dump them. Having clear data like that prompts a lot of our business decisions.

Thanks Sarah!


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