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Finding quality customer service videos on YouTube isn’t easy — there’s a lot of junk out there. It can be pretty time-consuming to sift through all the videos of customer meltdowns to track down videos that are genuinely humorous or insightful and offer real value to anyone working in customer service.

To save you time, we pulled together a collection of the best customer service videos available on the internet. We broke it down into two sections:

  • The Top 5 Customer Service Training Videos
  • The Top 5 Funny Customer Service Videos

Now, the next time you need the perfect video to illustrate a point about customer service, you know exactly where to turn.

The Top 5 Customer Service Training Videos on YouTube

1. How to Provide Extraordinary Service

Speaker Mark Sanborn tells the story of his over-achieving mailman named Fred. He explains how Fred consistently went above and beyond the call of duty to please his “customers.”

Every customer service rep should aspire to be Fred. He created real connections with his “customers,” and left a lasting impact on Mark Sanborn. The best customer service reps develop genuine human relationships with customers by pleasantly surprising them whenever possible.

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2. Taxi Cab Story

Customer service expert Shep Hyken shares his story of a taxi driver who exemplified quality customer service. Similar to Fred, this taxi driver exceeded expectations and made sincere connections with his clients.

As a customer service rep, establishing rapport with customers is absolutely vital to your success. Show customers that you are doing everything in your power to make them happy, and they will have little to complain about.

For more insights from Shep, click here to check out our exclusive interview with him.

3. The 6 Steps in a Successful Tech Support Session

For those working in tech support, this is a great training video for customer service reps. Customer service expert Don Crawley walks you through a tech support call, step-by-step, and then provides an example of a well-handled tech support call. His explanations are very thorough, making it easy to understand each of his points.

4. Phone Training

This nicely animated video offers several phone support tips. The use of clear examples makes this video is very easy to follow. The Australian accents are really just a bonus.

5. The 7 Essentials to Excellent Customer Service

This 12-minute video digs a little deeper into customer service best practices. David Brownlee offers solid advice on providing excellent customer service, and he’s easy to understand. If you’re wondering if this video is worth your time, check out the social proof → ~900 likes : <40 dislikes.

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The Top 5 Funny Customer Service Videos on YouTube

1. Car Rental – Seinfeld, Season 3 Episode 11

The car rental customer service agent broke the #1 rule of customer service — she made Seinfeld a promise she didn’t keep. By accepting his reservation, she made him believe that he would have a certain type of car available at a certain time. When he arrives at the car rental facility only to find that the car he reserved is unavailable, he gets upset — with good reason.

Customer service agents should never ever make promises to customers that they can’t keep. It’s just a recipe for disaster. If you are going to tell customers that you are going to do something, you better not be saying it just to please them in the short-term.

2. High Expectations  Sesame Street

Grover is trying to be a great server, but is facing a tough customer. When the customer asks for alphabet soup, he expects every single letter to be there. To him, this isn’t much to ask. But to Grover, the customer is being unreasonable.

There are some customers who are never happy. That’s not going to change anytime soon. However, it’s the responsibility of customer service reps to do whatever they can to try to make the customer happy, even if it seems like a lost cause.

3. Greg Has to Wait – Meet the Parents

In this scene, Greg is forced to wait at an airport, unnecessarily. The gate attendant would rather stick to the procedure than make the customer happy. By going by the book, the gate attendant puts him in a bad mood. She could have easily just let him on the plane earlier, but chose not to.

Often, customer service reps have to use good judgement to make customers happy. That can mean overriding system rules, when appropriate. Customer service managers should trust their reps and allow them to make decisions that will benefit customers.

4. Truest Moment About Tech Support – The IT Crowd

The customer service in this scene is sub-par, to say the least. One of the service reps winds up aggressively yelling at a customer before hanging up on her. These are both obvious no-nos in the world of phone support.

As a customer service rep, it’s critical to keep your cool at all times. If things ever start to get heated, you should learn how to cope with the stress of customer service. Don’t ever let loose on a customer, or it could cost you your job.

5. BMW Prank Call

Most prank calls are just plain annoying. This one is an exception. It’s pretty harmless, and the customer service rep seems to get a kick out of it.

At one point, the service rep falls for his trap. She implies that the customer is stupid, and he calls her out on it. Even if a customer is spewing nonsense, you should never make them feel unintelligent.


These valuable customer service lessons can help you while training new customer service reps, when illustrating a point during a meeting, or even just amuse you after a tough interaction with a customer. Use these customer service videos to help you become better at customer service yourself.

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