Tip of the Week

A week from today many of us will be sitting down with our family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving together. While the masses might let the tryptophan takeover or see what deals they can snag on Black Friday, those of us part of the go-to-market chain are preparing for everything that needs to be executed by the end of the year.

When you head back into the office the Monday after Thanksgiving, there are just about 3 weeks left before the Holidays. Knowing that you shouldn’t count on any days after the 25th as “selling” days, it’s crucial that you spend your time wisely so you aren’t getting distracted, scrambling, or behind the goal when the ball drops.

Competing priorities will naturally pull you in multiple directions and if Socrates has taught us anything, it’s “Better do a little well than a great deal badly”. If we keep with this motto, how do we go about prioritizing our efforts? One of the clearest ways to see what you have to do is write it all out, and use The Eisenhower Decision Matrix to separate out urgent and important tasks.


Write down all of the items that are on your plate, and put them in the appropriate bucket. This exercise will bring to light where you should spend your time, perhaps highlight if you’ve been spending more time on less urgent and important activities and open your eye to tasks that you should be delegating or deleting altogether. 

During the execution, be sure you are consulting your manager/executive to ensure that your definition of important and urgent tasks aligns.

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