Inbound marketing has gained significant traction in recent years, as efforts like blogging and free offers have proven to be quite effective at drumming up prospects. This is all well and good — inbound lead generation should certainly be a prominent weapon in any sales-focused business’ toolbox — but companies that focus too heavily on inbound lead generation run the risk of missing out on the unique advantages of outbound lead generation. Such lead generation methods have proven to be an extremely powerful way to fill your sales pipeline.

And yet, many organizations still have no outbound lead generation team, even though adding one is an important way to grow your pipeline. It’s true that not all businesses need outbound prospecting, but many companies lack outbound lead generation simply because they don’t recognize the advantages.

Here are four simple signs that you need an outbound lead gen team.

You want to increase sales

Simply put, outbound lead generation is one of the fastest ways to fill your pipeline. If your sales is stagnant, adding a prospecting team can give your company the shot in the arm it needs to quickly find leads and, ultimately, convert them into customers. If you’re hoping to grow your pipeline and give your sales reps more opportunities, adding a prospecting team can pay huge dividends.

Your sales are generally complex

If your sales are generally large in value and have long sales cycles, it is likely that your sales reps have difficulty getting in contact with the appropriate decision-maker, typically a busy high-level executive. Because of this, your reps must focus the bulk of their energy on closing important deals, which leaves them little time to prospect and fill their pipelines. In these situations, having an outbound prospecting team whose sole responsibility is to qualify leads and set up calls with your sales reps is an ideal way to bolster your pipeline.

You want to expand

Outbound lead gen teams are especially useful additions to companies looking to increase their presence in a specific market or hoping to venture into new ones. Expanding companies require a constantly growing pool of prospects, and outbound lead gen teams are designed to provide that pool effectively and efficiently.

Leads are the foundation of your company’s growth and without a team designated to ferret out specific prospects, your business runs the risk of plateauing – and ultimately your sales pipeline will dry up.

Your sales process needs recalibration

Outbound lead generation teams are great resources for unearthing prospects and testing new markets, but they are also incredibly useful for improving and honing your marketing and sales process. Lead generation reps interact with scores of potential customers each day, which gives them a unique opportunity to gain insight into what is (and isn’t) working with your company’s pitch and message.

The sheer amount of conversations your lead generation team will have on a daily basis enables it to test different strategies, receive instant feedback and quickly build brand awareness. With the right analytics tools, your outbound prospecting team can be the perfect way to gain insight and help you design and implement a strategy that will allow you to expand faster.

How has adding a lead generation team helped your company close more deals?


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