Wavelength Scores 98% Data Quality

Wavelength LogoWavelength International is a 60+ person recruiting and staffing firm located in Sydney, Australia and specializing in medical professionals. The company is a multi-time Recruitment Excellence Awards winner, is the 2011 winner of the Recommended Employer at the Australian Business Awards, and a two-time top-50 best place to work in Australia as ranked by Business Review Weekly.

Dr John Bethell is a co-founder and director of the company since its inception in 1999.

What was running your business like before InsightSquared?

[blockquote align=”right”]We were flying blind. It was like trying to fly a jumbo jet through the night with no instrument panel.[/blockquote]

We had a total lack of clarity on trends and what was going on in our business.

Our only solution was to give someone the job of picking through the data and putting it into a spreadsheet. It took hours and hours to find anything you wanted. The effort was a real deterrent to extracting information.

It also caused a lack of confidence in the results. Often two people would do the same analysis and get two different results.

When I went to look at the data myself I was horrified by what I saw. People were not entering data the correct way. And no one wants to be the data policeman.

We were flying blind. It was like trying to fly a jumbo jet through the night with no instrument panel.

What was the InsightSquared setup like?

[blockquote align=”right”]Immediately our data leapt up off the page.[/blockquote]

Before InsightSquared, we were wondering how the hell are we going to crack this nut. We were told [by other companies’ solutions] we could mirror our entire data set and do custom reports, but when we saw the proposed bill it was incredibly expensive on a yearly basis. And that was not even including the cost of programmers to build the initial reports!

[blockquote align=”right”]Suddenly the lights come on and you see you’re flying 50ft off the water.[/blockquote]

We tried out InsightSquared and immediately our data leapt up off the page. We also saw a lot of data errors. It’s like suddenly the lights come on and you see you’re flying 50ft off the water. You take evasive action! It galvanized us into fixing the problems.

[lightbox href=”/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/missing-image-spacer.png”][/lightbox]

Wavelength was averaging a 60% Data Quality Score, meaning 40% of their job orders had faulty data. Within two months of implementing InsightSquared they had turned that around to less than 2% data errors, for a consistent 98%-100% weekly Data Quality Score.

Would you recommend InsightSquared to other companies? Why?

Yes! I already have, several times.

Overnight, it was like a light coming on for us. Very quick wins.

Also, you guys are really smart. I don’t mean to piss in your pocket, but I work with a lot of IT companies and they just don’t understand the problems. I started to think it was me. It’s very nice to talk to people that not only immediately understand the problems, but have already thought them through.

We always love hearing from our satisfied customers, thanks very much John!