Ramp 2019, the revenue ops event of the year organized by InsightSquared, returned this year with exciting news and insightful discussions. Over the course of 3 days from June 12 to June 14, Ramp 2019 brought together more than 400 sales, marketing and business operations practitioners to learn from the world’s most recognized go-to-market professionals. Together attendees gained insights, skills and, most importantly, connections to meet the demands of today’s go-to-market team. Here are some key highlights of this exciting three-day revenue ops event.

1. InsightSquared Solutions Reveals

At Ramp 2019, InsightSquared revealed multiple powerful new features and product updates aiming at higher revenue ops empowerment. Among those updates, a new, more accurate AI forecasting capability, a new Forecast Submissions solution, and a one-click dashboard building feature received the most attention and welcome from the audiences. With these new releases, InsightSquared aims to equip revenue operations professionals with actionable and real-time intelligence that will enable better-informed decisions and drive predictable growth.

2. InsightSquared Certification

Ramp 2019 also saw the launch of InsightSquared 2019 Certification, a program that teaches and tests participants’ comprehension of InsightSquared’s use case best practices and their ability to apply them within the platform. Over the course of a day, over 80 InsightSquared admins participated in product training sessions, best practice discussions, and group exercises to improve their utilization of InsightSquared.

3. Sales Ops Best Practices

One of the topics that received the most attention and anticipation from Ramp 2019 participants was sales operations best practices. Ramp this year continued to feature world-renowned marketing and sales professionals sharing their insights and ideas on the role of sales operations. 

Guest speakers brought to the conference their advice, analyses and case studies that will help sales operators maximize their efficiency at different levels of team maturity, be it as primary as team building and sales ops hiring questions, or as mature as sales system management. 

Each session, from Joe Caprio’s keynote on sales enablement to Todd Abbott’s framework for sales ops and sales leader partnership, received an enthusiastic response from the audience. Altogether, they reinforced the role of sales operations in modern organizations: not simply reporting, but also providing visibility.

4. The Impacts of Marketing

The adoption of ABM and sales strategy raises the question of how to give credit to sales and marketing programs. The answer is a consistent GTM strategy, which will enable effective ROI tracking, create a clear workflow and produce an honest picture of investments from a time and resources point of view. 

Matt Heinz’s session on Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) perceptions echoed the importance of measuring marketing impact. More important metrics are harder to find, and, Heinz’s 2019 MAP survey showed that marketers need more than what MAPs can provide to justify their strategies. The survey result posed a key question to marketers: why are marketing automation platforms failing marketers’ most intense needs? Check out the full report here to find the answer.

5. Evolutions to Revenue Operations

Shared target across teams, connected data across silos and efficient processes are three themes that echoed throughout many sessions at Ramp this year as revenue operations have become the natural and inevitable next step in organizations’ development. Tech stack investments have brought in a wide range of support to marketing and sales operators, from richer data to higher automation, but they also entail higher demand for processing and reporting, which requires more than what traditional teams are prepared for. 

The answer to the question of how to go forward with such new tools and demands, as the revenue ops panel discussions pointed out, lies in the alignment between sales and marketing. The two teams need to share not only data but also goals and visions. 

No longer does a binary world of sales vs. marketing exist. Instead, sales and marketing team alignment is the key to the company’ leap forward, and that alignment comes from nowhere else but a cohesive revenue ops team. The revenue ops structure is the instrumental element in defeating the average and making the best of organizations’ potentials.

6. Last but not Least, Fun and Lots of Connection

Ramp 2019 has not only addressed many pressing questions regarding revenue operations but also helped create a community for revenue ops professionals. The idea behind Ramp is to provide a space for revenue ops team to meet, exchange ideas, and grow together, and it achieved just that. Ramp 2019 attendees gained professional insights and advice, as well as opportunities for connection and development.  

Ramp 2019 has ended, but there are surely more questions to address and ideas to discuss, so feel free to check out our InsightSquared community and continue the discussions with other revenue ops professionals! Also, check out the video recordings of your favorite Ramp sessions here. In the meantime, make sure you sign up to receive the latest Ramp 2020 updates. See you next year at Ramp 2020!

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