The Y2K problem was bad enough. What about Y10K when we graduate from 4-digit years?

Hopefully, 8,000 years from now, we’ll have evolved into higher beings who don’t have to worry about electronics turning on us a la the Simpsons’ Halloween special a decade ago.

Meanwhile, here’s an example of why no one is safe:

This is real data. Look at the dateEnd field. Notice that these engagement deals are set to end in the year 9999. That’s a duration of 2.9 million days at $20 bucks an hour. Not bad!

Without an algorithmic way to clean data, this customer’s forecasting, historical, and KPI calculations were skewed by a set of erroneous $300M deals in their source data.

This is why even small businesses need algorithmic data correction. Want in?



Photo credit: The Simpsons, 20th Century Fox.



















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