You Know You’re a Data-Driven Sales VP When…

Have you ever woken up from vivid dreams of Excel tables? If so, you may not be a typical sales leader at all – you’re a data-driven Sales VP! You get the urge to check your sales team’s data analytics reports constantly, to a nearly-obsessive level. What is your team’s win rate? What are your sales rep’s activity levels? Are you on track to hit your forecasted sales goals? You look at the data multiple times a day, and constantly calculate whether your team is progressing towards their goals.

A typical day for a data-driven sales VP can be packed with responsibilities, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. You love focusing on the numbers and everyone knows you’re a data-driven Sales VP when…

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You Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Numbers…Literally (Click to Tweet)

The data-focused mentality from your job has begun to spill over into your personal life. You track your fitness levels with a Fitbit, follow your sleep patterns with an app, lower your home’s energy use with a Nest thermostat and manage your finances with a budgeting tool – and you love it! (Your family, on the other hand…) Once you realized the benefits of data analysis at work, you quickly found ways to apply that same mindset to your personal life as well. Thanks to your many smart data sources, you now exercise more, sleep better, use less energy and save more money.

You Believe Using a Mouse in Excel is “Cheating” (Click to Tweet)

You take pride in the fact that you know all the best Excel shortcuts out there, and can easily manipulate and analyze data. Shift-Space, Alt =, Shift-F9 and more are just a few of your favorite tricks to use. With just a few keystrokes, you can highlight, copy paste, sum columns, create formulas and sort data by value – no mouse required. You know that only Excel amateurs use their mouse for anything.

You Ask Your Reps if They’re Going to Hit Their Number, Not How Their Day Is (Click to Tweet)

Your focus on data is so intense that it comes out constantly in your daily conversations at work, sometimes without even meaning to. When you say hello to the sales reps on your team, you ask about their sales numbers, right after you say hello. You know that if their sales numbers are climbing, it means their day – and yours – is going great. It’s not rude, it’s just how a practical, data-focused mind works on the job.

You Use Excel Models to Make Major Life Decisions (Click to Tweet)

What town should you buy a house in? Excel Model. What vacation should you take this year? Excel Model. Where will your kid will go to college? Excel Model. There’s nothing in life that can’t be decided objectively by a little bit of detailed data analysis. Using data is simply a better way to make decisions, so why not use it outside the office too? There’s no good reason not to.

Friends and Family Know How Much You Love Data (Click to Tweet)

Everyone knows that you’re really into numbers – and it shows. If you’ve ever received a calculator or an abacus as a gift, you were probably genuinely excited about it. “This abacus will look great on my desk at work,” you may have thought to yourself. But even if you’re not to that level of data-nerdery, friends and family know about your love of numbers and have learned how much you love data-related gifts.

You Organize Your Children’s Play Dates in a Spreadsheet (Click to Tweet)

People may accuse you of taking your data obsession too far, but you really don’t think there’s any situation that can’t be better organized according to the numbers. You don’t want your kids to ever have a bad play dates, so you’ve created an Excel spreadsheet that helps you keep track of who offers the best snacks, where they have the most fun, and who they played with last week. It’s all weighted so that your kids get the best possible results – just like your sales team.

You Can’t Resist Clicking a Data-Focused Link (Click to Tweet)

Whenever anyone sends you an interactive, data-based map, an interesting Infographic or a data-backed news article, you just have to click on it. You’re always interested in reading about how other people are using data in new and interesting ways. You never know what you’ll learn or how you can apply it to your own business. Is a local startup analyzing historical data to find sales benchmarks? You’ll just have to read to find out.

Data-driven Sales VPs are a new breed, but are in high demand. Don’t be ashamed or feel you have to hide your enthusiasm for data in all aspects of your life. Be proud of it, and show the world just what it’s like to be truly driven by the data.

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