Your Prospect is Just Not That Into You

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That incredibly hot sales lead seemed so interested in you! You emailed back and forth a few times, had some great conversations, and you started dreaming about a big, beautiful commission check.

But then she started ignoring your calls, no-showed a meeting, and stopped opening all your emails. You just don’t get it – what went wrong?

Unfortunately, the prospect is sending you a message, loud and clear: She’s just not interested in buying from you – not now, not ever.

While romantic rejection is awful, professional rejection can sting just as much. As a sales rep, you’re used to facing this sort of rejection on a daily basis. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore it and move onto the next hot lead. If a prospect rejects you suddenly, you may have made some mistake in your selling method. It might not be your fault entirely, but there’s usually something you can learn from the failure.

Reflect back on this professional relationship and ask yourself honestly: How did you lose the deal?

You Talked Too Much

Maybe you were a little nervous on that first call, and rambled on and on about all of your product’s capabilities. It’s completely understandable! This was a big opportunity, and you wanted to do your best to impress the prospect and win her admiration. However, you were going about it all wrong. She didn’t want to just listen to you brag about how great your product is – she wanted to talk about her own business and her personal challenges.

That’s why some of the best sales reps in the business are amazing and thoughtful listeners. It’s important to ask the right questions and get prospects to confide in you during the selling process. Once you get a prospect talking about herself and her struggles, that’s when you can speak up and show how your product can help.

You Ignored Needs

Every prospect is special and different, so why are you treating them all exactly the same? Even though this prospect works at a similar-sized company in a similar industry, that doesn’t mean she needs exactly the same things as the last deal you closed. When you talked to the prospect, she probably gave you a million clues about what she’s really looking for. However, you were so busy talking about yourself your product, you completely missed the cues.

You ignored her real and pressing business needs, and offered her all the wrong solutions to all the wrong problems. Even though your product could have been a huge help for her business, she’ll never know it. You should be constantly customizing your pitch to the prospect you’re speaking with, so that you appeal directly to her personal needs.

You Were Too Desperate to Close

Desperation isn’t appealing to anyone – especially not to your prospect. Even though she was initially interested, she has since been turned off by your constant calls, incessant emails, and last minute discounts. You annoyed the prospect with you persistence, and it actually harmed her opinion of your product. Your desperation to close the deal backfired and caused the prospect to undervalue your product completely. She doesn’t believe it’s valuable anymore because you were pushing so hard for the sale and were willing to do anything to close.

Next time, take a step back and allow the prospect to come to you if they’re really interested in buying. Either you convince her to buy or you don’t, but desperation will never lead to a positive selling experience.

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You’re Just Not a Great Fit

Unfortunately, not every prospect is going to be your sales soulmate. In sales, you’re looking for specific needs and pain points that you can help solve. Sometimes, a prospect isn’t interested simply because their business can’t work well with your product. It might be something as small as a technical incompatibility that just can’t be overcome. When something like this kills a deal, the loss isn’t due to your behavior at all. No one is at fault – it’s just not a good fit. These are the prospects that you simply have to let go of, and move on.

Not every date will lead to a happy marriage, and not every lead will turn into a happy customer. However, you should make sure that you haven’t made a mistake in the selling process that drove away your prospects. Always think back and look for ways you can improve your tactics, engage prospects positively, and close that next deal.

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